Canada may regulate social media before their elections

Mar 2012
New Hampshire
The world’s major social media companies are not doing enough to help Canada combat potential foreign meddling in this October’s elections and the government might have to regulate them, the cabinet minister in charge of ensuring a fair vote has said.

The democratic institutions minister, Karina Gould, spoke shortly after Canada’s electronic signals spy agency said it was very likely that foreign actors will try to meddle in the election.

Asked whether Ottawa could regulate the companies, Gould said Canada would “need to look at other mechanisms” if it did not see enough progress, and noted that Britain proposed a social media regulator on Monday. “We are having active conversations with our partners and allies around the world as to what this would look like in the Canadian context … if there was a moment and opportunity we would seriously look into how we can move forward,” she said.

Canada’s foreign minister, Chrystia Freeland, said last week she was “very concerned” about possible Russian interference in the voting and that there “have probably already been efforts by malign foreign actors to disrupt our democracy”.

Canada may regulate social media companies to avoid election meddling

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