Capitalism in America: Can't afford your lifesaving medicine? Die, loser.

Nov 2010
I don't blame anyone for protecting and amassing wealth. It's only second to having teeth, air and water with regard to survival.
There is a differences between amassing wealth and being comfortable and having already amassed great wealth and doing whatever you can to fuck over as many people as you can to get even more wealth, even pushing government to undue regulations so you can screw people more just to make even more money you dno't even need
Jul 2011
I'd like to say this is peak capitalism, but I have no doubt that we can and will go even lower in our obsession with making those at the top ever richer at the expense of ordinary citizens. Sure you're all just one missed paycheck away from experiencing the same fate, but by God, that's the American way. It's what our parents and grandparents fought for in WWII.

Dubuque County mom says diabetic son rationed insulin, died
'He wasn’t able to afford his supplies': Mother says diabetic son rationed his insulin, died
Obituary for Jesse James Lutgen | Leonard Funeral Home & Crematory

capitalism indeed:

Insulin Assistance Programs

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