Carl Bernstein: Barr Abetting 'Authoritarian' Trump In a 'Cover-Up'

Sep 2012
Bernstein speaks the truth.

Carl Bernstein: Barr Abetting 'Authoritarian' Trump In a 'Cover-Up'
Veteran journalist and author Carl Bernstein — part of the reporting team responsible for cracking the Watergate scandal — accused Attorney General William Barr on Sunday of abetting President Donald Trump in a “cover-up,” arguing that Trump is probably “the most authoritarian president” in the history of the United States.

Bernstein, who appeared for an interview on CNN’s Reliable Sources on Sunday, argued that Congress has not done enough to challenge and push back against Trump.

“There has been no real bipartisan investigation [by Congress] of the most authoritarian president in our history, probably,” the journalist said.

“We find ourselves in this situation, right now, because there is an ongoing cover-up by the president of the United States,” alleged Bernstein, who was part of The Washington Post investigative team that was instrumental in reporting on the Watergate scandal that ultimately led to former President Richard Nixon’s 1974 resignation. “It’s obvious to anyone that watches, anyone who looks at the facts, reads the Mueller report, the obstruction part particularly, we are in the midst of a continued cover-up by the president, aided [and] abetted by the attorney general of the United States.”


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