Casting Out Demons

Oct 2014
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That was Pizuzu calling.
“Hey man, you good? I sense a disturbance in the force, just checking up on you.”
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Jul 2011
Shit like this is huge in Russia & ex-USSR...

So many primarily women over there, claiming to be witch doctors, psychics, fortune tellers, you name it, plenty dressing it all up in Orthodox Christian religious symbolism for added credibility too

Not all though, others come from different sects.

This lady, for example, an ethnic Chuvash (indigenous group that lives on the Volga river), claims to be a shaman from several generations, and to have power to see the future, heal illnesses, etc

Aza Petrenko is a famous one

A bona fide Roma fortune teller (apparently inheriting the "gift" from her mother, grandmother, and many women before them; along with those ancient Tarot cards lol), she won a national, televised competition among such folks, the "Battle of the Psychics" as it was called, on NTV. Now, reportedly, she has all kinds of powerful politicians and oligarchs as clients!

It's a huge industry, over there:

Russian witches and seers performed on Tuesday one of their most powerful rituals, "the circle of power,” to pass on their mystical energy to President Vladimir Putin.

Dozens of people who claim to have supernatural powers stood side by side, reading spells in their effort to support the Russian head of state.

Self-proclaimed leader of the Russian witches Alyona Polyn said the main intention of the gathering is to enhance quality of life in Russia, the whole world in general and to support the president.

“We have gathered here to make the world better off through Russia,” Polyn said.

“Come up with the greatness, power of Russia, direct the way of Vladimir Putin right and correctly throughout the word of mine,” she intoned during the ceremony.Russian traditional culture has various mentions about people who were attributed to have certain magical powers and derive their strength from mystical sources.

According to Russian Health Ministry data, around 800,000 people earned a living from performing as folk healers, psychic mediums and other similar services in 2017.

It is primarily also women over there, who go to them, with all kinds of issues

For example, to remove a curse or hex someone cast on you. Russians really believe in those things. Bad luck is not seen as spontaneous or natural over there, if you keep having bad luck, it is because someone is cursing you. So, run to one of those witch ladies for help lol They can allegedly remove curses, and also slap one on someone else for you, in retaliation :D

For women specifically, they also supposedly can prevent boyfriends and husbands from straying. Many claim to have spells and potions and whatnot, to make him fall madly in love with you all over again. Just bring a lock of his hair or something, for personal ingredient... And, obviously, may as well throw in a nasty curse upon the other woman you seen him looking at too many times with too much intent ;) hehe

The one scientifically proven, more or less, procedure they do, is "coding" (кодирование) men against alcoholism.

Woman brings her hard drinker husband, the medium, or whatever she may be, puts him into a hypnotic trance

And then, apparently, she can "code" subconscious suggestions into his mind, to create an aversion for alcohol!

It does really work, even some actual doctors, psychologists and such, over there, use this method also to treat alcoholics and swear by it.

It is temporary, however. The "code" wears off every month or so, I believe, and then the wife must drag her husband to the psychic again, to renew it haha

Also, some negative side effects have been reported from it too, personality changes and such, men who used to be kindly and jovial, becoming angry and aggressive instead. But, that may be the sheer alcohol withdrawal too hehe

But, yeah, big thing over there...
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