CBO Director says we are fiscally screwed...

Jul 2013
Nashville, TN
Democrats want to just keep taxing and spending us into a Eurosocialist economic funk:

CBO Director: Important to Give Advance Warning About Coming Changes to Social Security | CNS News

They will misdirect your attention with class warfare aimed at the (evil) "millionaires and billionaires" to distract from the fact that they themselves are the biggest threat to our economic future.
The resources dedicated to financing the program over the next 75 years fall short of the benefits that will be owed to beneficiaries by 1.95 percent of taxable payroll—up from 1.58 percent a year ago. That means, for example, that if the Social Security payroll tax rate was increased immediately and permanently by 1.95 percentage points—from the current rate of 12.40 percent to 14.35 percent—or if scheduled benefits were reduced by an equivalent amount, then the trust funds' projected balance at the end of 2086 would equal projected outlays for 2087
You didn't mention that a payroll tax increase of 1.95% will fix SS until 2086.

The 2012 Long-Term Projections for Social Security: Additional Information - CBO
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Dec 2010
Of course he didn't.
Because it would detract from the "corporate social Darwinist" position of either: (a)abolishing the social safety net or (b) privatizing it so that corporations and banks can steal from it. Fixing social security was never an option for him...
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Oct 2010
Remove the Cap and limit payouts on Social security and it fixes itself.

Healthcare will become affordable again once For Profit Healthcare is eliminated.
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Former Staff
Mar 2007
So who's going to protect the West when we have been devolved to the status of France?

Social Spending has been going up and military spending has been going down.