CBS Drama ‘The Good Fight’ Tweet with ’Assassinate Trump’ Sparks Calls for Secret Service Investigation

Jan 2015
Great State of Texas
Who else fully expects that this gets brushed away as nothing serious?
It will .....

And, it will continue to be brushed away ... even if some crazy Leftist answers their call.

Keep in mind .... Steve Scalise was shot by a psycho Bernie supporter who answered the calls for violence .....

Yet these calls continue to this day.

Not going away.

This is business as usual for the Left.
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Nov 2009
Cesar Sayoc had a TV show on CBS that called for the assasination of the President of the US as well as unprovoked violence against his supporters?

Who'd of thunk? :rolleyes:
Hmm... maybe only you. Have you ever come across a word "similar"?

Definition of SIMILAR

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Definition of IDENTICAL

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