CBS "The Good Fight" Trailer Encourages Violence Against the Right

Oct 2014
Not true. During the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda in 1994, a lot of the violence by the Hutu vigilante mobs was incited via hateful radio propaganda broadcasts, "hate radio" as it became known

Journalists involved in this were sentenced to life in prison later: Journalists jailed for inciting Rwandan genocide
Interesting, seems to imply that what CBS is doing is the first stage of a genocidal agenda... I would have to agree with that sentiment.
Jun 2014
Cleveland, Ohio
Jan 2015
Great State of Texas
Someone has misplaced their copy of the constitution. That's protected free speech.

I agree it's in absolutely shitty taste and will be happy to send CBS a "fuck you" letter, if you have an address.

But it is free speech. And I still think they're hoping controversy translates into better ratings.
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