Chavez VS Bush



oh but u think that voting in Venezula is done legally now that he is in power? Come on now open those eyes.

he may be elected but i would imagine he is not the peoples choice, I don't know that so I want to make sure this is my opinion and if I were from Venezula I would have voted the other way
HAHAHAHAHA!!! How silly of them to think THAT "election" wasn't rigged, but ours was! OY!:rolleyes:

By the way, I found a liberty under my bed...:eek:


Hooray for honest speech. More than I can say for Bush speak. I personally do not believe in the "devil" but I can see from a christian bible view Bush being the one wearing the infamous "666" .........

So when did it become wrong to be honest in expressing ones views? Ohhh- sorry- I almost forgot. It became wrong when God: GW Bush, was placed in the White House.

I love my country and served this country. But I do not blindly and stupidly support what this president is trying to do. He is the one who proclaimed that it would be much easier to run this country if he were the dictator..... Candid comments show more about this man Bush than any prepared speeches or well thought out responses.

I will stand up for my freedoms- Even stand up to the president of this country..........The very foundation of this country was cemented in empowering it's citizens to protect themselves from such leaders. It would be a fools game not to stand in criticism of elected officials who would slickly use circumstance to remove our freedoms. 40,000 people a year die in traffic accidents on our roadways- yet we still fight for our right to drive. 3,000 died on 9-11 yet we gladly give away our freedoms in the name of security? I will take my chances. Leave my freedoms in tact... Speech is one of those freedoms. And Bush is the devil- said by a man who does not believe in a devil........


HAHAHAHA that's some funny poetic talk you got there..

there we go using the first amendment as a crutch...


CIA is all over Venezuala... although after this they may have good reason to be.

This guy is the same as Bush... he says all the right things, calls people on their shit.... and then deliberately does exactly the opposite of what he said.

Speaking or writing anything against Chavez is illegal in Venezuala. Not unofficially like in the US (Bill Mahr), officially.

Human Rights Watch: Americas : Venezuela <!-- venezu -->

Human Rights Watch! What a bunch of complaining liberals!

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