Check out the stupid things Dems have voted on to advance impeachment over

Mar 2019
It feels like Democrats have been trying to impeach Trump since the moment he beat Hillary Clinton.

Who knew you could try and advance impeachment for someone because your party lost a really embarrassing election.

58 Dems voted to advance impeachment for the "high crime" of dissing NFL anthem protests …

66 Dems voted to advance impeachment for the "high crime" of saying s-hole countries …

95 Dems voted to advance impeachment for the "high crime" of insulting The Squad …

More reasons why no sensible person takes these clowns seriously.
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Nov 2018
The Democrats have wanted to Impeach Trump before he was even sworn in, and your examples show us just how crazy these people are. They have a major meltdown on election night. They all thought that Hillary had the election wrapped up, they were in a celebratory mood, and when it all came crashing down, they refused to look inward. Instead, they looked at all of those who voted for Trump as stupid and evil, and Trump was going to be a disaster.

Their media still feed them garbage, never giving Trump any credit for anything good. The economy? Well, Obama created that. LOL

So, it shouldn't surprise any person with an ounce of intelligence, that the left are always up to no good, and hate Trump and his supporters so much, they have resorted to silly schemes that have failed, will continue to fail, and will cause them to look so idiotic in the eyes of most people, the left will not likely recover for a long time.

The 2020 election should put a knife in the heart of their Communist Agenda. That will be a great day for Americans. Not so good for leftists who want to destroy our Constitution and our freedom.
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