China blamed for mystery rise in ozone-depleting emissions

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Jan 2016
From your link: Chinese President Xi Jinping announced a stepped-up time frame for carbon reduction and for increasing China's use of nuclear, wind and solar energy.

It wasn't all bullshit. China IS, in FACT, increasing its use of wind and solar energy at BREAKNECK speed. Indeed, it seems that many, MANY Americans are quite content to let China DOMINATE the solar power industry, which will SURELY be one of the biggest industries of the 21st century. President Trump and his supporters seem more interested in COAL, a 19th century energy source if there ever was one.

It is all quite bizarre, really. President Trump is even intent on FORCING Americans to pay higher prices for electricity, just so he can keep failing coal-fired power plants in business, that would be going bankrupt otherwise, in a truly remarkable assault on free market principles.

I wonder if you support that. I truly do.


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Sep 2014
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