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Nov 2008
Washington state
Supreme Court revisits wedding cakes and same-sex marriages
Wedding cakes and same-sex marriages are back before the Supreme Court, and this time the justices are being asked to rule broadly that the 1st Amendment’s protection of the “free exercise” of religion shields conservative Christians from state civil rights laws.
An Oregon couple who were fined $135,000 for refusing to make a cake for the marriage of two women have asked the justices to take their case. If the court does so, the new conservative majority could significantly change the law on religious liberty and LGBTQ rights. The justices could announce as early as Monday whether they will hear the case.Supreme Court revisits wedding cakes and same-sex marriages

Not a victory yet, but hoping the Supreme Court hears this case. The Supreme court never ruled on the Masterpiece Case in Colorado, but warned the Colorado Civil Rights commission to stop creating "Animus" Towards Phillips because of his religious beliefs. Its time to settle this issue , both sides deserve rights, the court needs to decide how that can be accomplished in the future without punishing one party and favoring the other.

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