Christie will not run

Dec 2010
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Actually the fact that Christie is overweight potentially helps him more than it hurts him, especially if he were to drop a couple dozen pounds and become only slightly overweight. It creates a certain appeal that some Americans will look for. I.e. "hey this guy isn't perfectly photogenic, and doesn't care."
Sing are you a guy or a chick ? Reason I ask is thatthe wife and I were talking this AM about whether Christiie 's rotundness would hurt his chances and she did not think so. I asked why and she thought that people would be ready for a big diference. I asked what ? She claims that people would contrst tall skinny dude who couldn't fix the economy vs Big Boy who could throw his weight around at the problem children in Congress. She also said that we need a change in that we tried Texas Stupid and Blow Job Willy. I told her she was nuts !!!! I asked her if didn't she think that woman would not vote for Tubby Tuba and shew claimed that woman "did not think from the same parts as guys did". That was it, I decided after that insult I had to go over to my office.
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Yes and we certainly don't want the repubs nominating someone who is moderate, hell, they might then stand a chance of winning the general election!:smiley_ROFLMAO:
I voted for christie. Im gonna vote for obama to help his chances in 2016