Chuck Todd calls Trump presidency a national emergency


Former Staff
Jun 2007
It's certainly an emergency for the Kurds. They'll probably all be dead by the time we are able to impeach him or vote him out of office. :(
Apr 2012
We did not have to make up lies. Bush lied us into war, along with Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Bolton and others. That war that is still going on while Cheney lives with someone elses heart, afraid to die, Trump paints pictures in the bathtub.
More of your democrat lies. The democrats voted for the war
Apr 2012
Chuck has taken a lot of heat for being a moderate to the point that he looks like he'd do okay on FOX News. I think he was possibly just getting bored and messing around. You know - like Trump did when he was just joking about China and the Ukraine.
Moderate my ass. He is a far left liberal
Jan 2014
So we are not to believe our own ears and eyes when we hear or see things? You are admitting Trump lies every time he opens his mouth? Nice ! Not!
Ms. MaryAnne,

Yes, true, TDS sufferers do believe that our President making an off hand comment is ordering another super-power to do something...

See how insane your comment seems when you put it in context?
May 2019
A Van Down by the River...
If Russert were alive, he would be reporting the same thing as Todd. You would also be saying the same thing about Russert that you are saying about Todd now.
I don't think Todd is awful but he is no Russert.
Then again, no one is.