Chuck Todd Whacks GOP Sen. Kennedy For Peddling Russian Propaganda

Dec 2015
Not really. He is rude ,boisterous ,pompous ,and exagerating. What I enjoy is a much bigger IRA. Saving $2000 in income tax. And pointing out the vast shortcomings of the LYING MEDIA. I like having NATO pay up for their own defense. I like ISIS being destroyed. I like the Fake Global Warming being ignored. I like the deal with Iran being scrapped. I like illegals getting deported. Get the point?
What about Trump's bigoted and racist language?
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Sep 2016
My own world

Kennedy is what he is. A not too bright political hack who kissed the right asses and was rewarded with a soft job.

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Forget it, Jake. It's Louisiana.

**RED ALEART = He is very well educated which makes his position that of a gifted weasel lawyer. Note he was careful not to give what he thinks is the meaning of interference in elections.

If the definition is so wide that it includes just giving an opinion on one candidate and their policies if you are an elected official or an appointed individual in another country then a lot of countries all over the world could be accused of election interference including Ukraine. What this guy did is he pretends to equate just voicing an opinion on social media or in op ed to a systematic computer system hacking and putting money into campaign ads.

This is not interference (they are not illegal).
Expressing an opinion and saying out loud or having it in print supporting someone is not interference. =Ukraine=yes=not interference.

This is interference (they are illegal).
Pretending to be American and paying for advertisements is interfering=Russia=yes= interference.
Hacking into a party's computer system is interfering=Russia=yes= interference.
Trying to hack into election systems and polling data is interference=Russia=yes=interference.
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Future Staff
Jan 2008
Most Insidious
I would say Senator Kennedy embarrassed himself in that Meet The Press segment, but judging from his performance I don't think he has the ability to be embarrassed or to feel shame.
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Apr 2015

it's like "Invasion of the Body Snatcher" with these guys .
Yeah, clearly Kennedy has no idea what he’s talking about.
(Except there’s a proven written record that he’s exactly right).

Apr 2015
April 2019? A whole lot has "developed" since your source was published.
Were the guilty acquitted on appeal? You have a source refuting the documented Ukrainian tampering?
Of course you don’t.
“Developments” do not change history no matter how much you’d like to erase it.
Alexandra Chalupa was also in charge of a collusion effort with Ukraine which is also well documented.
Facts remain facts, no matter how inconvenient for Democrats.