Clear causal link': Lawyers accuse Kamala Harris of defying Supreme Court by hiding evidence from defense attorneys

Nov 2013
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As it notes, it is a classic red herring. There is nothing about Trump support that can explain anything at all about Harris support. In fact if Democrats are taken at their word, then a good chunk of Trump supporters would never be persuadable to a rationale or sane Democratic candidate. Their support in Trump is based off their bad beliefs, and bad outcomes in life. They are bad people supporting another bad person.

Your question though presumes nothing more than home team and a moral ambiguity. Is that really what you want to portray for the Democratic Party or Harris supporters? They are just like Trump supporters but they just picked a different team? One is Crips and one is Bloods and they both are gangs and neither needs to be right because its just about getting what is yours and surviving?

Why vote against Trump then? Why pick anyone different? If all these candidates are just variations on a theme of a sick system or the regular state of humanity then why worry about it at all?

There isn’t a right or wrong. This is just the human condition. This week Bloods kill Crips. Next week Crips kill Bloods. One week Trump is the mentally unfit president, in a couple years it will be someone else pretending to help under different false pretenses achieving the same miserable outcome where slightly different people still suffer and get hurt.

Is that really our only choices? Are we to believe that anyone who will pick bad is just going to pick a different bad?
Who is a dem candidate that you would vote for as "good" over Trump ?
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Who is a dem candidate that you would vote for as "good" over Trump ?

Mayor pete floated the idea that he would release all non-violent drug offenders and expunge their records. I'd risk voting for him instead of whoever the libertarian candidate if he, or any other candidate except for the sociopath seemed serious about it.

I know you didn't ask me, but I answered.
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Jan 2012
Who is a dem candidate that you would vote for as "good" over Trump ?
First I didn’t vote for Trump the first time. I voted for Gary Johnson. That said the candidate that has made my ears perk up the most so far is Tulsi Gabbard for her very strong non-interventionist foreign policy. She has served her country well and the DNC is pretty much screwing her over right now by declaring she didn’t poll high enough in the right polls. Even if she didn’t per their strange and cryptic criteria she deserves a break because she was off the campaign trail for two weeks....serving her country in the national guard.

Gabbard right now is about as opposite of Trump as you can get in visuals. She sounds very intelligent, is very calm and reassuring, deliberate and her foreign policy and many views come across as America First in the best way. Certainly I am giving her consideration.

Right now the Democrats seem fixated on Biden who is clearly not up to task or Warren who comes across as just like Hillary only even less likeable.