Climate Change is a fad.

Mar 2019
Climate change is just another progressive scam to a) control people's behavior and b) separate them from their hard earned money.

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Oct 2014
Yes. But he COULD be right. The Dems ,having no issues ,or love for this country ,just want to SCARE folks into voting for them.
Sorry, meant more literally, except for like Bigfoot type "conspiracy theories" there are failure states where it could potentially be proven false.
Nov 2018
The left is always scheming of ways they can get more money out of taxpayers pockets into theirs because they are so good at spending our money. The climate "crisis", which is what they have been calling it, is another one of those schemes. And, if they can get Americans to buy into the lie, willingly surrender their own hard-earned money, then they have won the day.

Except, that many Americans, the smart ones, know it's pretty crazy, especially, the only solution they have is to "invest" more money into green energy alternatives to fossil fuels. My guess is once they get billions of dollars in tax revenue, they will use most of that money for social programs, claiming it's really used for climate control.

I think most Americans would love to see us move towards a carbon-free world, and there are already companies investing their own money into developing alternative resources, but whenever the government gets involved, and starts taxing us, then little good comes from it.

The best approach to helping the environment is through private enterprise. Let companies develop viable alternative energy resources, and if they are good alternatives to fossil fuel and don't cost an arm and a leg, then Americans will start using them. Everybody wins.

But, the left wants to force Americans into doing what they want. They are crazy and out of touch with ordinary Americans.
Apr 2016
And they are brainwashing our children... The sky is falling ... My grandkids are so scared they are going to be gone in 12 years.
Nov 2015
Absolute nonsense. Just because CO2 caused the atmosphere to warm in the past doesn't mean that it won't happen this time simply because it is man made CO2.

What you are proposing is a truly bizarre conspiracy theory—that the scientific community is trying to "trick" people into believing that something that has happened in the past will happen again, and for the same reason—so bizarre in fact that I can't believe you could honestly believe it. I think you're just doing it to be a contrarian. Why would they need to trick the world into believing that adding CO2 to the atmosphere will cause it to warm, given that it has done so in the past?
Man made climate change is the conspiracy theory. I can't have a conspiracy theory about a conspiracy theory.


Former Staff
Dec 2013
Man made climate change is the conspiracy theory. I can't have a conspiracy theory about a conspiracy theory.
I think you are confusing scientific theory with conspiracy theory. They are different. The science behind man made climate change proposes no conspiracy, hence it isn’t a conspiracy theory. The denialists’ claim that the worldwide scientific community is conspiring to defraud the public in order to cash in on grant money and control behavior quite obviously is one.
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