Climate Change is a fad.

Nov 2015
Soooo you can’t answer the question then? Color me shocked!

You know why you can’t answer? Because it doesn’t exist. There is no natural force that can explain the current warming
The question? You're just part of the copy and paste gang. You want me to argue against copy and pasted graphs? Where's your own measurements? Scientists are now finding out that as they dig into this data, some 50% are wrong. That's the replication crisis.

I ignored the stupid question.
Jan 2015
Great State of Texas
And yet, moronic progressives seem bound and determine to subject this country to a system that killed millions and failed miserably.

I see virtually no difference between communists, socialists, nazis and liberals.
That's right ....

Vladimir Lenin referred to these Leftist as Useful Idiots and rightfully so.


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Jun 2007
Pollution and AGW are separate topics.
Actually they're not. Both are caused mainly by fossil fuels. If you choose not to believe in climate change, fine. But the ocean is filling with plastic, coal ash ponds are getting into people's drinking water, there's mercury in the fish, etc.

Why don't you care about that?
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