CNN’s Chris Cuomo threatens to throw a man down the stairs

Jul 2011
“Stay Down”
What a fucking bitch. "take a swing, take a swing"... "I'll wreck your shit, I'll wreck your shit"..... and "i'll throw you down the stairs"..... If you pick a fight, fight, don't bitch out and demand the other guy take a swing at you, that's a bitch move. lol

Cuomo went full bitch and changed his tactic after that guy took his glasses off.

"freddo is the "N word" for italians"...... buahahahahahaaaaa...

All in front of his 9 year old daughter I am reading now,. Wow.... would you want your daughter to hear daddy saying to another man "take a swing at me".... and all that other shit?

He should have walked away. now the other guy was not much better but cuomos loss of control while in charge if his 9 year old daughter? just walk away bruh.


Apr 2010
Pittsburgh, PA
I get that he was out with his family and the guy was acting like a jackass. But equating Fredo with the n word? Come on.