CNN’s Don Lemon Reveals Trump Once Called Him Racist After Tough Interview

Sep 2012
Good epithet..."pudding-headed"...

CNN’s Don Lemon Reveals Trump Once Called Him Racist After Tough Interview
CNN anchor Don Lemon revealed that President Donald Trump once accused him of being racist, after a contentious interview over Trump’s conspiracy theory that former President Obama was born in Kenya.

Appearing on The Situation Room Tuesday night, Lemon spoke about the president’s Friday night tweet attacking him. Anchor Wolf Blitzer pointed out that there was a time when Trump would go on Lemon’s show for interviews, and said he thought there was a “mutually respectful relationship” between the two.

“The last time I interviewed Donald Trump, before he ran for office, was the night that Osama Bin Laden was killed,” Lemon explained. “It was before he was killed and we had a row about the birther issue.”

Trump called CNN Anchor Don Lemon 'racist' for challenging his Obama 'birther' claims
If anything, this should perhaps be a reminder that Donald Trump was already a pudding-headed piece of crap all the way back in 2011, which we already knew from the moment he proclaimed himself god-king of the "birther" movement, a theory peddled by especially dimwitted racists that the nation's first non-white president was not actually an American citizen at all, but a Kenyan national spirited into the country in a plan (facilitated by fake Hawaiian birth records) to eventually someday become a secret Muslim Kenyan president.

And he's been calling black Americans "racist" for standing up to him for at least that long as well.

Don't everyone act surprised at once, now.
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Dec 2015
That guy's name doesn't even deserve to be in the same sentence as journalist
Because he lies so much, right?

Personally, and you'll need to visit a dictionary for this one, I think Lemon is a bit milquetoast, and if I want to take an afternoon nap, Lemon is ideal for escorting me through the sleep cycle, his interview of Trump notwithstanding it seems.
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Perhaps you should look the word up and get back to me.

Good luck!
Don Lemon does not report the news. He reports his opinions - which isn't the news.

You should go look up the difference in reporting facts and information and then giving your opinions.

Good luck!
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