CNN’s Ratings Take a Nosedive and Rachel Maddow’s Numbers Are Getting Worse


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No, they don't. The majority of the people who watch TV news watch it on their local network.
Of course, a very large portion indeed of local network affiliates — ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX — are owned by Sinclair these days, which imposes editorial direction that is quite similar to, and at times even more conservative than, Fox News. So there's that.

Sinclair, aside from being run by Republicans who are particularly Trumpy and who prefer to broadcast pro-Trump messaging, does this to

1) COMPETE with Fox News, in a world where most cable subscribers can seamlessly switch between prime time local news OR Fox News.

2) CONVERT people to their way of thinking; most who tune in to Fox News are conservative by nature; network viewers are more malleable

3) INFLUENCE the media as a whole. If I'm required to deliver conservative messaging and I have talent, eventually I will move up to the next level of broadcasting and will — more likely than not — be inclined to produce future work from a Sinclair-esque perspective.
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Don't people understand that people who lean right are more likely to rely on television (as a medium) to obtain their news? It's not like people are choosing Fox News over CNN. It's that people are choosing online websites over CNN.

I consider myself left-leaning - and I almost never watch CNN, or any other news channel.
Jan 2016
1984, all over again
Now that so-called mainstream "Liberals" and "Progressives" are relegated to the dustbin of history with the insanity of the Green New Deal
and similar faux protest, astroturf politicking ...

Michael Moore and Bernie Sanders will lead the Progressives to vote for that war pimp Hillary Clinton again in 2020
... she is already making campaign style stump appearances ... BARF.

You have to admit John, we Progressives were right about one thing Iraq would be a QUAGMIRE and we advocated stopping the war crime,

as did Pres. Trump, that is: before Barack Insane Obama re-invaded and escalated Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Yemen .

NEVER THOUGHT I'D SEE THE DAY (and why many of us left for good)


The Memo That Helped Kill a Half Million People in Syria

January 13, 2019

"The memo shows the kind of advice Clinton was getting as secretary of state to plunge the U.S. deeper into the Syrian war. It takes us back to 2012 and the early phase of the conflict.

At that point, it was largely an internal affair, although Saudi arms shipments were playing a greater and greater role in bolstering rebel forces. But once the President Barack Obama eventually decided in favor of intervention, under pressure from Clinton, the conflict was quickly internationalized as thousands of holy warriors flooded in from as far away as western China."

The Memo That Helped Kill a Half Million People in Syria ....

OH - even the dulllest of the Democrats - say, Bill Maher for example, could tell Hillary was scapegoating the Arabs as a springboard to the White House.

Killing Col. Quaddaffi and murdering a million Libyans was supposed to make her appear as tough as her male counterparts on foreign policy , in all her NeoCon glory.

As Washington hails victory over ISIS, media ignores massive human toll

By Bill Van Auken
30 March 2019

"This sanitization of the bloodshed in Iraq and Syria has been a constant feature of the news coverage of the over four-year-long US war against ISIS. Few within the corporate media have even bothered to question the Pentagon’s official story that only a handful of the tens of thousands killed in relentless US bombing campaigns have been civilians.

This same hypocritical media provided non-stop coverage denouncing the Russian-backed campaign to re-take the Syrian city of Aleppo from Islamist forces as a war crime.


"Washington’s aim is to carve out its own sphere of influence in Syria’s northeast, seizing control over the country’s main oil and gas-producing region and using Syria as a base for preparing military aggression against Iran.

Meanwhile, the US has encouraged Israel to play a major role in military operations against Syria. Trump’s decree recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the illegally occupied territory of the Golan Heights is bound up with Washington’s cementing of a regional alliance based on Israel, Saudi Arabia and the other monarchical dictatorships of the Persian Gulf against Iran.

Israel carried out airstrikes Wednesday against the Syrian city of Aleppo, reportedly striking warehouses, setting off major explosions that cut off power to the city and killing at least four people.

The so-called victory over ISIS has turned much of the region into a wasteland, creating the conditions for social explosions, even as US imperialism prepares to launch a wider and bloodier war in the Middle East."

As Washington hails victory over ISIS, media ignores massive human toll

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