(CNN)Goodbye "Boy Scouts." Hello "Scouts BSA."


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(CNN)Goodbye "Boy Scouts." Hello "Scouts BSA."

Why not replace it with Trump Youth

Less than a year after the Boy Scouts of America decided to invite girls to join, the organization announced that it will refer to its older youth program as "Scouts BSA" starting in February 2019.

The name change comes amid a new campaign slogan, "Scout Me In," that was made to emphasize the group's expansion from just boys to boys and girls.
The name change only applies to the program currently called Boy Scouts, which is available for teens ages 11-17. The Cub Scouts program, for children ages 5-10, will not undergo a name change. The name of the organization will remain Boy Scouts of America.
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They just created a logistical nightmare for themselves. Girls and Boys going to camp together. All it will take is one incident and watch the BSA fall. Sad to see the BSA trying to be politically correct and compromising its original intent of Growing Boys into Men of God.