(CNN)Goodbye "Boy Scouts." Hello "Scouts BSA."

Jul 2013
Nashville, TN
They just created a logistical nightmare for themselves. Girls and Boys going to camp together. All it will take is one incident and watch the BSA fall. Sad to see the BSA trying to be politically correct and compromising its original intent of Growing Boys into Men of God.
Now they can also grow girls into women of God, win, win...
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Nov 2009
Flower Mound, TX (In the basement)
Two questions:

1. Is there just one organization of scouts? No Girl Scouts and no Boy scouts?

2. What does BSA stand for?
Jan 2016
The founder of the Boy Scouts, Sir Baden Powell, was a big admirer of Benito Mussolini, and vice-versa. They had sort of a mutual admiration society thing going on.

Here is a VERY revealing quote by Sir Baden Powell:

Sir Baden Powell: "The bees have a most admirable society, for they worship their queen, and kill their unemployed."

Admirable sentiment, no? I sure have used the word 'admirable' in this post a lot, haven't I?
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Jan 2016
That's fine and well if they can keep the boys and girls from creating babies in the tents
Garsh, yes! They should only PRACTICE creating babies in the tents! REAL babies should only be created under ROOFS, just like God INTENDED!

And only in the missionary position!

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