CNN Reporter Kaitlan Collins Banned by White House for Asking Trump Questions.

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Trump didn’t answer, and Collins was then summoned to the office of Trump’s new deputy chief of staff for communications — and former Fox News executive — Bill Shine.

Collins says he told her she was “disinvited from the press availability in the Rose Garden today” because she had “shouted” questions he and White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders deemed “inappropriate.”

this is the text book definition of censorship. Mr. Shine needs to get acclimated to his new job. He's not working for Fox News. He works for the American people. Just because the president doesn't like a question doesn't make it "inappropriate". Nor should the WH be in the business of censoring the free press based on such capricious terms.

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Another reporter banned

The Republican President is so easily offended:

The questions seem reasonable to me in light of other news stories currently being discussed.
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A couple of those questions seemed reasonable.

A couple of others just sounded like the intent was to antagonize.

Where was it reported that Putin refused to accept Trump's invitation....??
Dec 2015
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Since we have just about reached a Totalitarian state now in the U.S. of course such questions must be banned as well as reporters just as they would be in Russia, North Korea and China. They have no right to report to Americans on what is really going on in their government. God forbid the general population became privy to that information!
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That's not "censorship". They can write/say what they want all day long. That is lack of access. There is no right to access.
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Jul 2014
Fox News stands with CNN on this issue.
I know..I saw Bret Baier tweet.

But you do know who the new WH communications director is right?

Bill Shine - you know that guy that worked at Fox News and ignored all the sexual harassment going on there?

So he bans a women reporter

Keeping it classy as always in this administration....not.
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