Colbert tabbed to replace Letterman


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Mar 2013
Mother Mayo
Colbert will show ya, all of ya!

He's been on Broadway and is a song and dance man.

His 'frenemys' routines with Fallon over Ben and Jerry's ice cream were late nite host worthy.

If they absatively, posilutely, must have all late nite hosts without boobs (dunno why no Tina Fey) then Colbert can be expected to do a great job. Boobless.

Regards from Rosie
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Jun 2007
Because his "humor" is juvenile and not funny...he's a clown. They gave him Leno's show and he got pounded so badly they brought Leno back.
I thought it was due to Leno's shitty ratings in the prime time slot he coveted forced him to go back and reclaim his spot from Conan?

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