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Three wounded in college shooting as gunman 'shouts Heil Hitler' before killing himself

By The Siberian Times reporter 10 May 2018

One victim suffered bullet wounds, two more injured after jumping out of window in Barabinsk.

Shooter Ilya Ivanistov, 17. Picture: The Siberian Times

The gunman was named locally as first year student Ilya Ivanistov, 17.

Fellow students heard him shout ‘Heil Hitler’ and ‘I hate you all’ as he entered a classroom at the Barabinsk branch of Novosibirsk College of Transport Technologies.

He was also quoted as saying: ‘You’ve made fun of me, now it’s my turn to make fun of you.’

One student was hit by a a bullet in his shoulder and underwent surgery after being rushed to hospital.

‘Two more people were taken to hospital with multiple fractures after jumping out of windows on the second floor’, said a representative of Novosibirsk regional Ministry of Health .

‘He came inside a class and shot at a first person he could see,’ said an eye witness. ‘There was no security man at the moment of the attack. People started to run away, two of my group mates jumped out of windows.

‘Next moment Ilya ran out of the class and shot himself. He was a peaceful, calm, quiet guy’.

The shooting site. Pictures: AST54,, The Siberian Times

Ilya entered the school with the disassembled shotgun in a brief case, it was reported.

He ‘assembled the rifle that he brought with him in the college hallway, entered the classroom and fired at a fellow student, then shot himself and died from injuries at the scene’, said a statement by the Investigative Committee.

Acting head of Novosibirsk region Andrei Travnikov was rushing to the tragedy site.

Ministry of Emergency, police and Investigative Committee experts were working on the site.

This is the latest incident of classroom gun or knife attacks by students in Russia.

In other cases there have been links to groups identifying with supporters of the Columbine High School attackers in the US.

Barabinsk in Novosibirsk region is a key link on the Trans-Siberian railway, some 6038km east from Moscow.

The college prepares students for work on the railway.
Three wounded in college shooting as gunman 'shouts Heil Hitler' before killing himself

I wrote here about the fucked up online subculture of "Columbiners" over there, and recent violent incidents in Russian schools linked to it:

In April there was also a related incident at a school in Bashkortostan: Russia school HORROR: Teacher set on fire and pupils stabbed by 'Columbine obsessed' teen

Good news is, so far, this guy, gunman himself in this case, is the only ever fatality, since 2014, when a teen boy shot dead a teacher at a school in Moscow and then also ambushed two cops responding the scene, killing one and wounding the other. That case was NOT related to Columbiners, at least from all I've seen about it.

But all these recent ones are, maybe this one too... Thank God for Putin's strict gun laws, I guess. Never thought I would say that, but, again, he did something right in this case.
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