College Student Wins Right to Talk about Jesus and the Bible in Graduation Speech

Jan 2018
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That right there is enough reason to double down and talk until they drag me off. I don't know where you get the idea that Religious freedom only means in chruch.
If you want to talk about some fairy tale don't expect me to respect your lies. I will boo you until you leave.
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That's not exactly what happened. The directive to omit the Bible passage from the speech came from a single faculty member, who did not first consult university officials. Officials from the school were wholly unaware of the situation until they received a letter from the ADL. The article says the student "appealed this rule and won," suggesting that the school fought against her - which it did not.

As soon as school officials learned of the faculty member's error, the school made the necessary corrections. The "liberal college" as [MENTION=3300]aboutenough[/MENTION] put it, did nothing wrong.
Doesn't seem to be the case. Relevant Magazine reports that student Karissa Erickson gave the speech last Friday at her school’s graduation ceremony. Although the university has a rule prohibiting religious content in school-related speeches, Erickson, with the help of Alliance Defending Freedom, appealed this rule and won.

The university had initially told Erickson that “speeches should be free of any one religious slant.” However, upon hearing of Erickson’s case, the ADF sent a letter to university officials, seeking to appeal the rule.

The school decided to grant Erickson’s request, as expressed through ADF’s letter, although some school officials still said Erickson could face “repercussion” if she chose to keep the references to Jesus and the Bible in her speech.
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Correct. There's no account anywhere suggesting otherwise.
That's more often than not what happens in these situations. Some anti-Christian bigoted Christophobic hater takes it upon themselves to discriminate. Happens all over the place, huh.
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Since when do students have to submit a speech for approval?

My university doesn't do that.

We have people mention God all the time, or the Native Americans invoke their religion, whoever happens to be giving the speech.

Some students just talk about partying.

I've never even heard of a case where the speech crossed some sort of boundary, its college, pretty much anything goes.


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