Congress or President



Hey everyone, I would like to start the debate on one of today most controversial balances between Congress and the President in regards to military force. Since 9/11, some have argued that the President needs more power in a war against terrorim while others argue that the current administration has used 9/11 to shift too much power into the hands of the President and has created an imperial Presidency. What do we have to say about this balance of power and of military powers in particular?


Teezee, welcome to the board. If you look around a bit at other threads, you will see that all aspects of these viewpoints are already being discussed :) It comes with the terriroty in a political forum in these times.

A Moderate

Teezee AND Nemo, welcome to the board. I feel that we have too much power already, and I agree with Nemo.


I thought Congress has been on vacation since 911,rubber stamps what ever Cheney,opps I mean Bush wants!