Congressman John Murtha is an absolute disgrace



But you can't really isolate the incident to this one guy...there were others involved! ~Inky


Don't they run personality tests in the military? I offer myself for the job in case they don't. You are puting in danger lots of things when you give weapons to a antisocial personality disorder patient (most commonly reffered psycopath)


What the military does to you in boot camp can make a person snap. You are demoralized, then pumped up and taught to kill. Not everone can handle that sort of mindfuck. You hear of people that snap and murder all the time, people with strong family backgrounds and excellent social skills. Who knows what the makes the mind tick, but being a soldier and put under certain strains and duress can make the most volatile of minds snap. ~Inky


Pelosi's puppet-strings are firmly dug into Murtha's back...If he didn't have a military background, he would be pushed to the back of the Democratic bus...

But instead he's being used BECAUSE of his background...


Or perhapes, like me, the man speaks out on his own when he sees something that needs saying.



Psychologists aren't scientists as much as artists. If they aren't smarter than the psycho, the psycho's main function in the world-- lying to people convincingly --will keep anyone from knowing he's a psychopath. Some psychos respond to therapy by becoming more convincing liars, because they learn new and cleverer ways to deceive people from the therapist. And really, how hard is it to fit in in the military? They tell you exactly how to do it from the second you get there.

Chances are, that antisocial personality disorder is not developed in bootcamp. It is generally the result of serious trauma at an extremely young age, infancy even, that prevents vital physical connections related to interpersonal relationships from being formed in the brain. Once the brain develops beyond a few years, those sorts of connections have not been known to form in people. So they go through life utterly without empathy. You could almost pass a law in all fairness that requires some sort of prison sentence for parents of people who grow up with some sort of attachment disorder. Because you can almost guarantee that those parents did something to the kid in infancy that would qualify as torture. Almost.[/list]



So a parent should be imprisoned when the child grows up and schizoprenia takes over? Or A.D.D? I beg to differ. ~Inky

A Moderate

But I'm not going to tip-toe around when they rape a young girl and then murder her and her family.
Neither would I. Point taken.

The troops who had nothing to do with this no doubt think this is a disgrace and want the whole group stood up in front of a wall and shot.
Yes, the troops may feel disgraced, though I doubt they want them shot. Troops should get the same, if not a little better, punishment by the US court system.

If you're going to join the international police... I mean the U.S. military,
Was that supposed to be funny? I find it true, but I have no idea why you did that.

then you are expected to do a few things.
So are Americans. Like pay taxes, and obey laws, and drive under the speed limit.

One of them is to not rape little girls while you're out on patrol.
And regular Americans shouldn't rape girls. What's your point? The military are regular people; some may be as perverted as the next American.

Otherwise you are telling them that they belong to an organization that thinks it's okay to rape young girls and murder their entire family. You don't think that's bad for morale?
Like, for example, the US?