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Jul 2011
Vsevolod Chaplin dismissed from office
Dec 24 - 6:56 pm

Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin has been dismissed from the post of Chairman of the Synodal Department for the Russian Orthodox Church and Society. This decision was made by the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church, a source in the Synod reports.

According to Interfax, Vsevolod Chaplin didn’t comment on the information.

Chaplin's dismissal is part of a reform of internal structures. Today the Synod established the Synod department on Church relations with society and mass media by means of a merger of the Synodal Information Department and the Synodal Department for Church and Society.
Vsevolod Chaplin dismissed from office | Vestnik Kavkaza

He was head of PR, basically.

Replacing Chaplin, as head of the new PR and media department, is Vladimir Legojda

a Orthodox Christian journalist, PR specialist, university professor, who, among other things, had designed many of the Church's youth programs

Chaplin will also lose his seat on the Interreligious Council

a body of high-ranking emissaries of Russia's Orthodox Christian, Muslim, Jewish, and Buddhist religious authorities, as well as representatives of minority churches such as Armenian, Roman Catholic, and Evangelical Baptist. The Council can issue rulings on all sorts of matters related to religious affairs, mediate disputes, and has reportedly acted as one to pressure government on issues of importance to all religious citizens.

Chaplin will be replaced as the Orthodox Church's head representative on the Council by Mitropolit (Bishop) Ilarion of Volokolamsk

Ilarion, who, by the way, is only 49, probably the youngest Mitropolit ever, was dispatched not once, but twice by Patriarch Kirill to meet with Popes in the Vatican, first Benedict back in 2012

and then Francis last year

He was sent on behalf of the Russian Church, not Chaplin. Which must have been a heck of a smack to Chaplin and also a early sign of who will rise and who will fall in the Patriarch's good graces...

The Church is trying to present Chaplin's departure in as amiable light as possible, even released a statement thanking him for years of dedicated service lol

But Chaplin himself gave an honest interview, detailing his constant disagreements with the Patriarch, how he wanted the Church to push the government to be tougher in defense of Orthodox Christian values at home and also brother and sister believers abroad, especially in Ukraine. Chaplin considers the Ukrainian government an enemy of the Orthodox faith and wants the Kremlin to destroy them, literally, by military means.
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This is also the guy who labeled Russia's engagement in Syria a "holy war" in defense of Orthodox Christians there. A fanatic, basically, a nutcase, Orthodox version of Wahhabi jihadis. His job was to be the voice of the Church, but, instead, he started talking out of his own ass, on behalf of the Church. They couldn't let this just go on. But, he has his supporters, which is why the Church is being careful... Kirill himself is not even commenting on this.

However, I think Chaplin also alienated many of his hardcore fans on December 8th, when this pius hater of the Godless West and especially America was photographed, in civilian garb, off duty, eating at a McDonald's in Moscow

Poor guy might as well have endorsed gay marriage right there, while he was at it... lmfao