Corporate indoctrination in schools...

The Man

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Jul 2011
You know, Russian schools these days have all sorts of brainwashing and indoctrination.

Religious "Orthodox culture" classes taught by priests

(and similar ones by Muslim and Buddhist clerics in their respective titular regions)

Patriotism classes, typically referred to as "Lessons of Courage" ("Uroki Muzhestva") and taught by veterans

Schools and even kindergartens have "patriotic corners" too

and pompous events for, for example, National Flag Day

From Grade 9 and up, I believe, boys also have to do Military Preparation courses with instructors, to get ready for potential conscription after they turn 18

But, what I had no idea is that Rosneft, Russia's number one oil corporation, controlled by Putin's fellow ex-KGB buddy Igor Sechin

also has OWN classes in otherwise regular public schools

Rosneft provides all for these kids, expensive textbooks, laptops, etc. In return - just one thing: they basically dedicate themselves to Rosneft. They grow up for one purpose - to work for Rosneft, period. As you see, they wear own uniform, including ties with Rosneft logo.

Is that nuts or what???

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