could you get behind a political platform that advocated reducing the population?


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Dec 2013

"If anything, the US needs more population not less, and there is clearly a movement afoot working to criminalize those willing to fill that need. "
Ah, I see. I don’t oppose people having less or no children, but the US does need more people. Subtracting people from elsewhere to add to people here isn’t the same kind of increase in population as creating new people. It’s moving people that already exist. I don’t oppose that, generally.


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Feb 2007
I'm okay with it outside of the being taxed to exist part. Seems like that area needs more work.

Perhaps the solution to things like population doesn't lie in punishing people with taxes, criminality, etc.
Mar 2012
New Hampshire
A lot of the western countries have issues with aging populations. So much so that their social programs are in stake for the future generations. To have a decent system, a country needs a lot of healthy working young people. I think it would be a huge issue if we did this. Who is going to pay for all the post WWII boomers in the west? Several countries currently have begun paying to have kids so taking care of the elderly wont be an issue.
Aug 2018
Anyone truly concerned about global warming would be advocating for population reduction.
Not at all.

The solution to misbehaved adults is not to have fewer adults.

12 billion intelligent, mindful people would have far less environmental impact that 9 billion thoughtless buffoons.

We've just imposed a national ban on plastic straws. Guess how long it took fast food places to have fully functional, perfectly useful paper drinking draws available. They're already in use. A year and a half before the ban even takes effect.

70 years. 70 years we've been filling acres of landfill with that toxic shit. It was just that fucking simple.