Court released Karen McDougal from contract, can tell all! (On Maddow tonight 9PM)

Jul 2015
I guess she told her story, but how much, not a clue? Guess she can tell all if she wants. Anyone else think TRUMP is pulling plugs on TVs MELANIA can see??

Interview tonight with Rachel Maddow tonight!

Ex-Playmate Karen McDougal is clear to spill the beans about her alleged affair with Donald Trump ... and, perhaps most importantly to her, make a ton o' money off it.[/FONT]

[FONT=&amp]McDougal had sued the National Enquirer's parent company, American Media, over a non-disclosure agreement she signed with them in 2016. She got $150k and some promotional perks, and the Enquirer got her exclusive story about the 2006 affair with Trump. She sued to [/FONT]

Ex-Playmate Karen McDougal Settles National Enquirer Lawsuit, Free to Talk Trump Affair |
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Jul 2014
Border Fence
Melania knows all about Donald Trump's OPP.

She said herself. If you hit Donald, he will hit back 10x harder. She knows all about Donald Trump.
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