Crane driver saves worker from burning building in Denmark

Jun 2014
EU. Hang Vlad Tepes from the Kremlin.
  • A construction worker swung to safety via crane from the top of burning building
  • Clip shows the man grabbing hold of a chain from the crane and then leaping off
  • The crane lowered him to the ground although he swung towards the building
  • The impromptu rescue took place in Denmark, it's unclear what caused the fire


News story (English link)
News story (Danish link)
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The Man

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Jul 2011
Similar thing happened in Russia, in St. Petersburg, last year, crane operator Tamara Pastukhova saved three men from her construction site, when a blaze broke out; staying in her control booth up there even as the flames surrounded her crane.

She was awarded a medal for heroism later

and, more importantly, the refugee woman from Donbass, from Ukraine, was given a Russian passport