Crystal Gail Mangum



The Duke "rape victim" is now identified. Read this article and then explain to me how the "victims" past has no bearing on her ability to lie. I found this paragraph truly bothersome:

As time went on, her romantic life didn't get more stable, either. According to reports, Mangum said she'd had sex with at least three men in the days leading up to the Duke lacrosse incident, including her boyfriend and two of the men who drove her to dancing gigs. Somewhere around this time, she again became pregnant. She gave birth to a premature girl in January 2007...."

What does atleast mean? She is not sure how many men? - Crystal Gail Mangum: Profile of the Duke Rape Accuser - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News


Now that all charges against the three players she accused have been dropped, it remains to be seen whether Mangum herself will be the target of any legal retribution on behalf of the players' families.
Oh, one can only hope so. What a nutcase.