Cultural appropriation can be beautiful lol

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Jul 2011
Dissing on The Last Samurai should be against the rules. If you go after Dances with Wolves, we're going to have even more problems.

Hell, try listening to Sean Connery speaking "Russian" in the Hunt for Red October, as a native speaker lmao
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Jun 2011
God Bless Texas
Hell, try listening to Sean Connery speaking "Russian" in the Hunt for Red October, as a native speaker lmao
This thread is turning into one discussing some of the best movies of all time. Which is a better way to spend time than talking about Cultural Appropriation. I am done. D.O.N.E. with SJW's misusing these terms, misapplying these terms, and demanding everyone go along with their incorrect applications.
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I don't object to anyone wearing those costumes, but that movie itself is among the worst cultural assimilation offenders going.

An American shows up and immediately reaches the rank of the elite of the elite. Fitting right in with locals raised from birth in their class as warriors, is showered with honours that no Japanese not of samurai birth would ever even dream of imagining, without learning a single word of their language but somehow being recognized as a leader regardless, single handedly leads samurai (wtfuck) and plays an integral role in the Satsuma rebellion, then meets the emperor and received the emperors respect and thanks. The emperor that any Japanese would be killed for making eye contact with.

I cant even say what would happen if the Japanese made a movie about a Japanese guy who goes to 1775 USA and teaches George Washington about freedom, bests all the Bostonians at their jobs, bangs a white woman, takes control of a militia unit, speaking no English, and then plays the key role in the American revolution while Paul revere and Ben Franklin stand around and say "this was only possible because of Kentaro" - because they would never have made that movie.
It all evens out eventually. I just ran across this nipponese Hercule Poirot while looking for Agatha Christie movies..

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Feb 2015
How do you think Russians feel, when Westerners, for example, insist on referring to their various and still revered old royalty by English/Western names? lol

"Peter the Great" was Pyotr, damn it, not "Peter". Ekaterina II was NOT "Catherine" the equally Great. The last Romanov was NOT "Nicholas", he was, in fact, named Nikolai II. Etc.

Now THAT is kind of a cultural insult...

HA! i knew that.
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