Cultural appropriation can be beautiful lol

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Jul 2011
Here is a hilarious Russia-China comedy just came out
Basically, Chinese guy falls in love with Russian girl and goes to Russia to marry her, and has to deal with her insane family haha
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Aug 2018
Good Lord. It wasn't a documentary and did not pretend to be. It made sense why he first let him live. NA's also adopted worthy white people into their culture. You are saying the Samurai could not?
You can say that it's nothing to put an American behind the Satsuma rebellions front ranks in samurai armour, but if that's so, if it doesn't matter, if it's not important, then name the movie where an Asian leads the troops at Gettysburg. Name the movie where a Hispanic hero makes a noble last stand at the Alamo. Point out the heroic Namibian landing in Normandy in Saving Private Ryan. Show me the movie where Abe Lincoln thanks a Russian for leading the US armoured calvary in Desert Storm.

Americans would NEVER do this to their own culture. It would be ridiculous. No one would accept it.

Trust me. I've seen the Great Escape. I've seen Argo.

I actually saw Last Samurai in Kagoshima, the former Satsuma. Saigo's castle and garden is still there. He's like General Custer to Americans. Or Generals Wolfe and Montcalm to Canadians. His statue is all over my wifes hometown.

The saddest part for me was how many young people there liked the movie. While the over 30s wept in our sake.

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