Cynthia Nixon On Being Gay: ‘For Me It’s A Choice’

Nov 2008
Washington state
I think the point is that it's no one owes you an explanation about their sexuality.

Why can't you just allow other people to live their lives as they see fit if they're not bothering you?
I like the hypocrisy of double standards.

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Jun 2014
United States
What I’m saying is you’re not just born one way or the other. It’s not possibly that simple.
And our behavior and how we act out sexually is clearly a choice.
Strictly stating “born that way” doesn’t hold any explanation for behavior deemed socially unacceptable. It means not everyone is born into one narrow sexual archetype. Some people are gay at birth and some have chosen such a lifestyle. The two are not exclusive to all humans.

Why do you think that someone would choose to be homosexual?
May 2013
N Oregon Coast
Just sayin’?
How far did you go through formal education? You have a rather poor ability to reason, converse, or debate. On top of that I’d question your grip on reality.
You anywhere near Cartersville where i spent literally ALL my formative years on family vacations growing up?
Nice .. Mansplains pretty much everything! ;)
May 2013
N Oregon Coast
Of course one chooses whom they wish to sleep with. In the case of a bisexual person it can be man or woman and in any combination they seem willing to. That’s of course a choice.
But it doesn’t fit the “born this way” attitude of being born either straight or gay. So (like I said) we are all born with preferences that span a sexual spectrum. And than at that point, we choose who our partners will be.
I think I’ve got it thought through rather well if you care to understand.
Bla La ^ says the expert on sexuality :smirk:
Apr 2015
Frankly, I don't have much respect for her opinion. Besides, I doubt that she could answer the question that I posed to you.

Apparently, you can't answer it either.
Beats me as to why you’d pose a question about homosexuality and then not respect the opinion of one claiming to be one.
I have nothing definitive for you as an answer but why not listen to one who has made such a choice?
Rather closed-minded I’d say.

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