De Blasio campaign event in Iowa draws roughly 15 attendees


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Feb 2007
A friend to DeBlasio, when asked why they didn't attend, even in support:

"I had to wash my hair, on the moon. Yeah that's it."
Feb 2010
between Moon and NYC
De Blasio is pissed that they're underestimating his crowd size, insisting that there were at least 18 people there!

Meh. De Blasio rolled the dice. Didn't get much of a national reaction to his candidacy. Will go home and be a big city Mayor. No harm, no foul.

Am guessing that was the thought with a number of the players in this sizable field. Plus it will look good on their "life's resume".

("My grandpa ran for President".)

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Jan 2008
Most Insidious
When asked why he didn't show up to support De Blasio, an Iowa Democrat responded "I couldn't vote for a foreigner like that."

Our reporter corrected the gentleman, pointing out that the governor was indeed an American, although he did have an Italian surname.

"No difference. You saw what happened when we elected that Irishman, O'Bama!"