Dear Diary....Trump destroys Acosta

Aug 2016
Fellow Daily Wire reporter Harry Khachatrian responded to Saavedra’s tweet to CNN’s Jim Acosta by mocking his whiny tweets, like the ones where he complains about how “Trump’s tweets are extra mean.”

Kachatrian started out his tweet by saying: “dear diary, today Trump was extra mean”

It wasn’t long before Trump supporters were retweeting every whiny tweet of CNN’s Jim Acosta and prefacing it with “Dear Diary”

Before Jim Acosta knew what hit him, Twitter users were retweeting every Trump tweet he put out that was critical of President Trump with, “Dear Diary” at the top.

It was the perfect way for Trump supporters to let Jim Acosta know they weren’t taking him seriously.

‘nontaster” picked up the “Dear diary” tag again in June, and it spread like wildfire:

Fun game: Try to preface any Jim Acosta tweet with the words “Dear diary,”

People were even suggesting starting a Jim Acosta Dear Diary Twitter account.

This person responded to the “Dear diary” tags on Jim Acosta’s tweets by saying:

His posts ONLY make sense as the diary entries of a spoiled, self-centered child. Great observation!

Well, tonight, President Trump landed a knockout punch to the whiny #VeryFakeNewsCNN reporter Jim Acosta, when Acosta tweeted a video of himself at the border wall in McAllen, TX, where the President was visiting US Border and ICE agents.

Acosta did his best to convince everyone that he’s a serious journalist by proving that because no rapists or drug dealers were hopping the fence while his entire camera crew was there filming him, that the residents of McAllen must be safe, and therefore, no one in America needs a border wall.

President Trump brilliantly responded with two words:

“Dear Diary…”

Twitter immediately lit up.

Conservative actor James Woods said it best though when he retweeted President Trump’s brilliant response to Acosta.


TRUMP DESTROYS CNN's Jim Acosta With TWO WORDS…And Social Media Is Lighting Up *

Poor wittle Jimmy! President Trump was really mean to him! LOL!
Oct 2011
Washington State
This is no surprised.

Leftist Love men who assault women.

See Slick Willy.
What? No comparison to Obama? Now there was a real man. No pussy grabb'n or nothing. A beautiful wife, not slutty at all. Very intelligent well spoken Black Family. That's really got to chap your hide.

Trump's a male slut, deal with it.

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