Death Toll Hits 100 A Day


Common Sense Craig

Would you rather we left Saddam in power so that the kurdish genocide continued?
I think we ought to put Saddam back "in power" for a day with a special belt that he doesn't know is a bomb. So when he visits his buddies and they're all shaking hands and slapping each other on the back and saying what idiots those Americans are, we push the magic button and Saddam becomes a low-life little piece of shit suicide bomber. Uh, BYE BYE!!


So then we can leave? What are we there for now? To referee the war games? To make sure the Geneva Convention is being followed? To test out all our "new" equipment?

Or are we still there because it's a strategic place to fight the "Global War on Terrorism?" If Iraq was/is such a strategic location, then why aren't we fighting terrorism from Iraq, instead of being bogged down inside of Iraq dealing with all these crazy Muslims killing each other?
Good points,

But havent you been told ....they had elections! IT was worth it! Victory, GOP, Victory GOP.


I was just making the point that with our military deaths mounting to over 2500 and about 45000 Iraqi deaths, all of this climing at an alarming right, and as Inky mentioned we arent combating Terror effectivly, people will say at least Saddams gone, or at least they voted!!! :mad: