Dem Double Standards on Shootings Tops Monday Briefing

Nov 2018
Democrats are hypocrites. While they keep pointing their fingers at Trump's "hateful rhetoric" they refuse to look at their own, hateful rhetoric.

It's time for them to be called out for it, and Americans need to realize who the real enemies of the people are.

Dem Double Standards on Shootings Tops Monday Briefing

  • As Dems try to blame the president and his alleged “hateful rhetoric” for the mass shootings, it brings to mind the question: What about their rhetoric? They regularly demean and demonize men, whites, capitalists, Christians, the free market, the GOP, conservatives, Israel, heterosexuals, at-home moms, the military, law enforcement officers, the list is endless. They consistently bash anyone connected to traditional American values or those who defend this country here and abroad. Their hate is just as corrosive as that of any Kluxer or mass shooter. But it is excused by a popular culture and intelligentsia-driven double standard that shares that hate. Saner voices are drowned out by it. This does not bode well for the Republic and may bring forth a national tipping point faster than most desire.

Dem Double Standards on Shootings Tops Monday Briefing
Apr 2012
I read the article but there were no quotes that inspire race hatred by any of the Democrat candidates mentioned.

Trump holds the record for violence inspiring hate speech in today's government.. The Demos don't come close.