Democrat Mayor, Patrick Cannon, Arrested on Bribery, Theft Charges

Apr 2011
Under your skin
Patrick Cannon, who rose from public housing to become mayor of North Carolina’s largest city, was apartment in SouthPark for yet another payoff from what he thought were businessmen needing his influence in city matters, the affidavit says.
But after arriving, Cannon learned who they really were, a source confirmed: undercover FBI agents who’d been recording their meetings over the past three years, long before he launched a campaign for mayor in 2013.
Cannon resigned as mayor Wednesday night, capping an extraordinary day that included allegations of an illicit trip to Las Vegas and payoff negotiations at the Capital Grille – the same uptown steakhouse that figured in the region’s last major political scandal. It was there that former N.C. House Speaker Jim Black of Matthews, also a Democrat, took bribes from a group of chiropractors seeking help with legislation.

Mayor Cannon resigns after corruption arrest |


I am so shocked that a Democrat would do such a thing!

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Former Staff
Aug 2012

They are going to have to reopen the Democrat wings at the Federal Prisons....


Future Staff
Jan 2008
Most Insidious
I gotta hand it to this loser. Most crooked politicians serve for years before gaining the courage to freelance for big bucks. Either that or they're exceptional at hiding it. Not this guy. Nope. He aims for efficiency and gets busted for bribery after just 6 months on the job.

May 2012
By the wall
One more piece of democratic trash exposed.

We just need to keep working on the rest of them.