Democratic Bloggers Plan to 'Google Bomb' Controversial 9/11 Docudrama

The liberals hate it when they are revealed as normal people.....Honestly, no one had enough of a heads up to deflect an attack such as 9/11. Even those who predicted accuratly were not in large enough numbers to sway the ponderous will of the government to do something preventative that could have caused them problems with voters....and what could anyone have done anyway?
I think both the Clinton administration and the Bush administration were suffering the "frog in the frying pan" senerio...the heat was low and consistant, the frog was being cooked, and then the Islaomfascists mis-estimated the reaction of the country.... based on the weak response to prior attacks. In some ways similar to Hezbollah mistake in Israel.
The libs, unlike the Republicans, just can't seem to take the spotlight of reality and truth.
Of course the language was fiction...the characters spoke as they seemed to have acted...self absorbed and obtuse to reality. Probably very close to what really happened...for as Shakespeare said "Me thinks they protest too much"

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