Democrats are wasting America's time on impeachment

Jan 2015
Great State of Texas
It taught us a lesson and we learned in 2018.
People did not vote because they thought she was going to win in a landslide but if all the people polled had voted she would have won in a landslide.
Wut .....

You are no longer blaming the Russians?

WTH ....
Nov 2015
Yes, the economy is doing well. But you can't seriously be arguing Trump's chaotic, manic, incoherent "policies" have fuck all to do with that.

MOST economists agree, growth occurs when the country is stable and government policies are predictable.

How has uncertainty over Brexit affected the U.K. economy?
Like I've said to the many Americans bleating on about Brexit. "Rather than derail, set up a Brexit thread to ask people about Brexit or try such websites as".
Sep 2013
On a hill
Lmfao. You honestly believe that Obama designed and put miracles in place to make the economy increase beyond sluggish Obama and what the experts predicted.

You need to get over sluggish Obama and wake up.
If you cant figure out the difference between taking office during a global economic decline, and starting an administration during an economic boom, then there is no hope of having a rational discussion with you.