Democrats, borders and germs.

Apr 2018
New Hampshire
The dangerous agenda of the Democratic Party to shuffle populations into the US from South and Central America should concern all of us. It’s done to replace white voters, but it could deliver a biological attack against Mexican and US citizens. Deadly viruses are not mobile; they rely on infected hosts to pollenate populations so they can mutate and spread disease. The lethal 1918 H1N1 virus pandemic spread globally because millions of soldiers crossed oceans in World War 1. That virus killed as many as 100 million people worldwide, more than died in WW1, WW2 and the Civil War combined.

Now the virulent Coronavirus is emerging from China and the democrats are still fervently trying to take down Donald Trump so they can throw down our borders and resume the strategic onslaught of interlopers friendly to their cause. The wanton tactics of democrats to regain and maintain power could go from a targeted assault on American voting demographics to a dissemination of lethal biological agents into US and Mexican populations with no defense against them.

This is not surprising considering the odious mischief of democrats over the years. Forty percent of black babies are aborted in the United States with an estimated 13 million rubbed out to cull the African American community. That reveals that more viable, healthy Negroes went to a final solution than the six million Jews Killed by Hitler.

And the efficiency of the process would have made the Nazis envious. No ovens, no execution pits, no concentration camps; just a eugenically targeted group of humans flushed down the plumbing like garbage-It’s pure evil disguised as progressivism. The same arguments arise to justify the carnage-Like Jews, they’re not really people. Convenient junk science is used to support the notion that their elimination is necessary for the benefit of society.

Deadly microorganisms do not discriminate by skin color and they do not defer to the odious and depraved magnificence of Great Society politics. The Democrats want to take out Donald Trump so they can open border walls to flood the nation with replacement voters. It’s a tactic tailormade to impose a pandemic on defenseless populations.

By the time the folly of their foolishness is discovered it will be too late and millions could be infected. No one knew any better in 1918. Today we know how these diseases work and they don’t care about politics-Re-elect Trump.
Jan 2007
In their minds not letting third world people in is racist. Allowing in communicable disease is a non issue if it has any hint of racism.


Future Staff
Jan 2008
Most Insidious
The Trump campaign targeted the most gullible and easy to manipulate voting bloc in American history for a reason.

I'm not saying all Trump supporters are anti-diversity bigots. But anti-diversity bigots sure love them some Trump.