Democrats, Keep Cool and Calm

Ian Jeffrey

Council Hall
Mar 2013
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We are not angry victims. We are angry former victims. We don't like being victims and we aren't going to take it any more.
Nonsense. Republicans have controlled Congress for the vast majority of the last 23 years, and still claiming to be "former victims"? It should be (and is) Democrats who are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore, especially based on the last two years worth of attacks.
But the Republicans are done with being victims.
They were never victims. They simply have victim envy, and claiming victimhood from a position of power is just part of a strategy of whining and attacking.
So stand down and you'll get more gentle treatment.
The last quarter century's worth of Republicans demonstrates that this is absolutely not true.


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Feb 2011
New York
Perhaps so, but it is no different than Republicans have been doing for years, now. You would think the party in power could afford to take the high road, but they have consistently declined.
Which is why I DO NOT let the GOP off the hook for starting this obstreperous cycle as well as the Democratic Party for following suit.
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Feb 2010
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To insist that Hillary Clinton is just as bad, and would be just as bad for the country as Donald Trump, is just plain stupid. I'm sorry, but it is. It's absurd to keep insisting that. You've obviously never really listened to her. She's reasonable and intelligent and has knowledge of history and what this country is all about - or was until the American people allowed that buffoon to be elected. And make no mistake, if you voted third party or didn't vote at all for president in 2016, you elected that idiot.
Yeah. Except i never "insisted" any such thing. You just manufactured that straw man.

We are talking about what happened at the 2016 election.

Feb 2010
between Moon and NYC
See, this is the kind of hate that alienates those of us with more moderate temperaments. That's one of the big reasons I could never support someone like trump, who want's to paint his opposition as enemies. And it seems to be the repubs and dems that are destroying what this country is all about. Both sides are so entrenched in their extreme positions, there is no room for compromise. And you do understand that where you see evil in your opposition, they see evil in your side just as well.

I understand your need to place blame when you don't win elections, but maybe it's because the candidates chosen for your side just don't resonate with enough people. You can't place that blame on me, no matter how hard you wish it to be so. Get candidates worthy of my vote, and you'll get my vote. For someone to get my vote, they need to be near the center, moderate, and willing to work with the opposition. That really isn't too much to ask for.
Nicely stated.

Dec 2006
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Basically those who didn't vote or voted third party did so with the full knowledge that it could result in a racist demagogue and would-be tyrant assuming control. They looked at what Trump represented and made the decision that they could live with what he would do to the office of the Presidency and our own citizens.
Feb 2010
between Moon and NYC
That is because it is not reasonable. Calling Hillary an unlikeable candidate is not true. It is another Republican lie. So now we know just what Pragmatic means.
Not everyone disliked Hillary. (And not everyone disliked The Donald)

But they were both polarizing and very dis-likable personalities. This isn't some new revelation. Recognized by many/most on both sides of the aisle.

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