Democrats Oppose Trump's Gay Nominee to the Federal Bench

May 2007
Houston, Texas
Had you been paying attention, I've answered this question before. Pay attention!
Not to me you didn't. Answer it for me. Does Trump lie. Of course everyone knows Trump is full of lies. Too bad you Trump worshipers are too bashful to answer. Hahahahahaha!
Jul 2013
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What he has posted has been spot on. What I've seen from Trump haters is nothing but hate. Ideas? None. Par for the course.
So it's citizens here who disagree with Trump's "policies" who are responsible for Trump being hated here and around the world. I didn't know they were that powerful!


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Nov 2009
When President Donald J Trump says that he is appointing someone, the Democrats automatically oppose that person. This is the second openly gay person that Trump has nominated to the federal bench. The first was Judge Mary Rowland, who was not confirmed by the end of the senate term and is being reappointed. When the Senate Judiciary Committee voted, the only ones to vote against Judge Mary Rowland, were the wonderful Democrat listed below. Talk about party over country. All Republicans on the committee voted in favor of Rowland. Trump appoints an openly gay judge to the federal judiciary, and she is opposed. What will happen with Patrick Bumatay? Will the Democrats vote against him, too?
  • Dianne Feinstein (Democrat - California)
  • Patrick Leahy (Democrat - Vermont)
  • Dick Durbin (Democrat - Illinois)
  • Sheldon Whitehouse (Democrat - Rhode Island)
  • Amy Klobuchar (Democrat - Minnesota)
  • Chris Coons (Democrat - Delaware)
  • Richard Blumenthal (Democrat - Connecticut)
  • Mazie Hirono (Democrat - Hawaii)
  • Cory Booker (Democrat - New Jersey)
  • Kamala Harris (Democrat - California)
Is there some particular reason you seem to think that a nominee being gay means auto approval for the blues?
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