Democrats Oppose Trump's Gay Nominee to the Federal Bench

Nov 2018
I have to laugh when you accuse Hillary of being a known liar when Trump has lied or mislead over 9000 times by his own words. We obviously have different morality because you support somebody who mocks the disabled, who commits adultery with three different wives, who believes that he has the right to grab women by their genitals , who thinks neo nazis are some people .

That mocks to disabled thingy is more fake news. So, it matter how many times someone lies? Are you keeping count? Trump's adultery was prior to his running for President. I may not approve of it, but I didn't vote for him because I thought he was Mother Teresa Jr. I voted for him because I thought he would do a better job than Hillary. And, he has proven to be doing the right things.

What you’re seeing from Trump himself is nothing but hate and the sad thing is you should hate him also but then again you probably approve of all those things above

No, unlike you, I don't hate anyone. Hate others does you no good. And, no I don't approve of some of the things Trump does. But, I did vote for the better candidate. Of course, you probably think Hillary is wonderful. And, you question my choice?

Southern Dad

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Feb 2015
Shady Dale, Georgia
I suspected as much. lol

Didn't you mean to say that you haven't been drunk since the 80's? Anyway, congratulations on staying clean that long.
Yes, I have not been drunk since the 80's. In truth, I've only been drunk a handful of times, in my life. I have just found that I do not need alcohol or drugs in my life. I've never seen the point.