Democrats: Please Vote EARLY and Often.....(ha ha)

May 2019
A Van Down by the River...
Look, I still haven't been in a situation where I stand in line or have to use a touchscreen -- ever.

When I was in DC I voted absentee.
And for a while now, my home state of Oregon elections are all by mailed ballots.
I applied for an Absentee Ballot in California which is now my default. Even if I'm home. Which, is perfectly legal.
Tho, just for some sort of weird sport, nowadays I walk to my polling place to submit my ballot which is not required, but something that makes me feel more secure.

I've been seeing, hearing (on NPR, 'course), and reading many accounts for years about the fallibility of voting machines. If this issue is something you haven't heard about....I direct you to your personal GoogleMachine.

I am not a 'Sky Is Falling' silly person, but I do see the vulnerability of voting MACHINES. They can be hacked, they can be corrupted on site -- easily(!), they can be disabled or discounted (thereby YOUR vote is collateral damage, most times).

And lest we forget the whole "hanging Chad" deal and how a voting mechanism changed history...

I appeal to my Dem bretheren to apply for their Ballot by mail. You don't have to mail it even. You can deposit it on the day of the election at a polling place.

Dems -- VOTE EARLY or vote by a paper ballot.
Sorry trees, we need this one to be right.
Tell your friends.

Republicans, you do you.