Democrats sweat Saturdays Wyoming convention

Mar 2012
New Hampshire
In the wake of a recent Nevada state party convention that descended into chaos, Democrats are sweating out a similar event in Wyoming Saturday.

When Democrats meet in Cheyenne to select delegates to the July national convention, the same elements that created such a volatile mix in Nevada will be present: Anger and frustration over Bernie Sanders’ delegate haul, super delegates who backed Hillary Clinton before the state caucuses took place, and threats to state party officials.

There was obviously a discussion amongst [state Democratic executive directors] and amongst party chairs about the upcoming states with conventions, particularly those that have the delegate selection parts, and the feeling that there would be a couple of flashpoints coming up," said a state Democratic party executive director who attended the meeting. "Wyoming is one that was thrown into the mix."

The problem is that Sanders defeated Clinton in the state's April 9 Democratic caucuses by 56 percent to 44 percent, but both candidates were each allocated seven delegates -- an outcome that deeply frustrated the Vermont senator’s supporters. Since the state’s four super delegates all back Clinton, Sanders actually suffered a net delegate loss out of Wyoming, despite comfortably winning the popular vote.

In the aftermath, top Wyoming Democratic officials, especially those publicly backing Clinton, reported receiving angry calls, letters and threats.

Democrats sweat next convention blow-up - POLITICO
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